Andreya Triana
  • soul
  • jazz
  • downtempo

Andreya Triana is a singer and songwriter from South East London. Her love of improvisation influenced her 'Freeflo Sessions' - a one woman show using a sampler to loop vocals, percussive sounds and beats live- which gained her a place in the 2006 Red Bull Music Academy in Australia. Tea Leaf Dancers, a collaboration with producer Flying Lotus was then born, catching the attention of Ninja Tune stalwart Bonobo. Featuring on the 2009 song The Keeper Read more on

Here are the 5 most popular tracks by Andreya Triana.
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  1. Lost Where I Belong
  2. Draw the Stars
  3. A Town Called Obsolete
  4. Darker Than Blue
  5. Daydreamers

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