Cap'n Jazz
  • emo
  • post-hardcore
  • indie

Cap'n Jazz were an emo band which formed in 1989 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. The band consisted of Tim Kinsella (vocals), Victor Villareal (guitar, vocals), Davey von Bohlen (guitar, vocals), Samuel Zurick (bass) and Mike Kinsella (drums). The band recorded several singles for independent labels in the early 90's as well as contributing to several compilations. In 1995, they released their only full-length album, "Burritos, Inspiration Point Read more on

Here are the 5 most popular tracks by Cap'n Jazz.
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  1. Little League
  2. Oh Messy Life
  3. Puddle Splashers
  4. In The Clear
  5. Take On Me

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