• post-rock
  • math rock
  • instrumental

1. LITE are an Instrumental Math Rock band from Tokyo, Japan, formed in 2003. Their members are: Nobuyuki Takeda (guitar), Kozo Kusumoto (guitar), Jun Izawa (bass) and Akinori Yamamoto (drums). Releases: LITE (2005) Filmlets (2006) Live in Limerick (2007) A Tiny Twofer (split with Funanori, 2007) Phantasia (2008) Live in Leeds (2009) Live in New York (2009) Turns Red EP (2009) Live in Los Angeles (2010) Illuminate (2010) For All the Innocence (2011) Read more on

Here are the 5 most popular tracks by Lite.
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  1. Infinite Mirror
  2. Ef
  3. Ghost Dance
  4. Contra
  5. Shinkai

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