Nostrum Grocers
  • rap
  • hip hop
  • Conscious Rap

Nostrum Grocers is the new collaborative group between Milo and Elucid, releasing their debut self-titled album on Ruby Yacht. Conceptualizing the album in 2015, Elucid flew out from New York to Milwaukee, hanging out with Rory Ferreira, ignoble poet, as the two cooked, discussed life and conducted initial studio work. The first batch of recordings pulled from this meet-up were promising contributions, solidifying the future progression of the Nostrum Grocers project. Read more on

Here are the 5 most popular tracks by Nostrum Grocers.
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  1. '98 gewehr
  2. circumcision is the first betrayal
  3. where'ing those flowers
  4. milk drunk
  5. medium

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