Open Mike Eagle
  • Hip-Hop
  • underground hip-hop
  • rap

One of LA’s smartest young voices says the LA Times...which the artist suspects, may just be a covert way of saying LA is dumb. "Open" Mike Eagle wouldnt terribly mind, being born and raised in Chicago where the painful winters and his uppity grandparents kept him inside as a youth. He spent his formative years watching alternative music happen on MTV and hoping to one day be able to audition for the Native Tongues. As a young adult after graduating with a degree in Psychology Read more on

Here are the 5 most popular tracks by Open Mike Eagle.
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  1. Dark Comedy Morning Show (feat. Toy Light)
  2. Ziggy Starfish (Anxiety Raps) [feat. Gold Panda]
  3. Legendary Iron Hood
  4. (How Could Anybody) Feel At Home
  5. Qualifiers

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