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There are at least two bands by the name of Sparta. 1. An American alternative rock band active in the 2000s 2. A British metal band active in the 1980s 1. Sparta is an alternative rock band which formed in El Paso, Texas in 2001. The band originally consisted of Jim Ward (vocals), Paul Hinojos (guitar) and Tony Hajjar (drums), all former members of At the Drive-In. After a brief stint with Erick Sanger, the three of them recruited Matt Miller, an El Paso native and then-bassist of Belknap to become the band's permanent bassist. Read more on

Here are the 5 most popular tracks by Sparta.
Give them a spin.

  1. Cut Your Ribbon
  2. Taking Back Control
  3. Air
  4. Breaking The Broken
  5. Collapse

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